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Exercising for lower chest muscle

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I am not sure what they call it, but for you guys who knows your stuff. Can I get advise how to build the lower chest muscle please.


This is hard to explain as I don't know the muscle group names. When we're fit and chest muscle looks round and full. They look sort of like ( ][ ) that lol.


Maybe I wasn't doing the right exercises, my shoulders get bigger and the outer sides of chest muscle gets bigger but not the top bit where the forms the T shape that gives definition. But the one I really want to develop is at the bottom where it forms the up side down _|_ shape.


How do I work towards that? Any exercises I can do at home and while I'm out doing sports? As I don't go to gym.

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decline chest press. use the bar or dumbbells. dumbbells are always better.


also, cable crossovers. stand straight up with your back somewhat arched back just like on bench press and lean forward a bit. pull the cables down and together. great pump.


the only thing i can think of at home would be on the edge of a pool. legs somewhat in the water, hands on the edge of the pool and push yourself up. keep your hands kind of close.

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well honestly a gym helps. I always had trouble with the lower part aswell until i started doing decline bench press on the smith machine. Incase you dont know what a smith machine is, its the rack that alot of people use for squats but its fixed into the rack for more stability. Ive noticed this to give a perfect form for the lower pecs but you have to lift heavy. I usually do a slight pyramid and i guess you can do this at home too off the side of your bed or something.


Start with a warm up set up of 15 reps with pretty easy weight.


Then up the weight to about 80 percent of your max to where you can barely make it to ten reps. Do this for a couple sets.


Then the last set go back to the light starting weight and do 10 to 12 reps but go very deep to where your touching your chest at a 2 second time ratio. 2 seconds up, 2 seconds down. This will isolate it good.


You can also do weighted dips for the lower sides of your pecs.

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