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What do you think of this ?

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My g/f and I have been together for 2 months (known eachother for 5: good friends). We're both 19, in a temp. LDR because of summer (both go to the same college). Everything is going fine so far. One thing I question, but do not doubt is. She told me the other day she feels like she could be with me for awhile or forever for that matter. This was after I told her that I loved her and saw us going really far if not ever breaking up.


Our relationship from the beginning was always alot more than anyone expected. She had like me for months (3) before we went out and I didnt even know she did until one day I ran into it when I randomly told her I really liked her and she agreed.


Now, I want to know how you feel. We haven't had full blown sex yet and are taking it slow. I honestly and truly love her to death, I'm a firm believer love doesn't always or rather most of the time have a timestamp.


Do you think what she said about the forever being together, is too much ? She was hesitate to tell me because she thought I'd be like * * * ? Of course, I wasn't I was flattered and felt the same...

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My advice, is even if you feel this way, don't let it take hold of you, do your own thing, let her do hers and let the relationship mature by itself.


Oh, I'm definitely not... I work 40 hours a week this summer ... its not like I'm cutting out things in my life for her at this point ... I guess I have to keep working my game so she opens up a bit more. I tell her after she almost hides stuff like that, that she can tell me anything.

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I'd play it by ear, 2 months is too early to tell what's what. Sure it could be love, but who knows. I believe it takes a good few times of 'falling in love' to be able to differentiate between 'love' and just a strong attraction.


With that said, go with the flow, if it feels like love, treat it like love.


Though, I wonder why physically you want to take the relationship slow, but emotionally you are going in quite quickly.

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