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Is it love?


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I've been with my boyfriend for about 2 months now and it's feeling amazing. It's definitely not lust, it feels like love but there's a few things which make me feel a bit unsure about if it's love or not. We haven't said I love you yet but he has told me how he feels and I've told him. We get along great and there's AMAZING chemistry. When he kisses me I feel amazing and when he pops into my head I have butterflies. I think about him when I wake up, throughout the day and then when I go to sleep. I've been in love once before I think but this person did not love me back so I'm not sure if it was lust back then or just because I couldn't have what I wanted. I'm unsure because I'm not 100% comfortable with him yet, I still feel a bit nervous on what to say or do when we're alone and obviously we're alone a lot but it's different to when we're out and about. When we are alone these feelings (butterflies, amazement, etc) are a lot stronger but on top of that are nervous feelings.


Do I love him?

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Sorry Appletree, but only you can answer that question. There is no one clear definition for love, it's something you just know in your heart and soul. It's not like going to the doctor where you list off symptoms and get a diagnosis of love.

Once the infatuation wears off, and if you are left with these deep, emotional feelings, you may in fact be in love.

Personally, I think it's very hard to identify love in the first few months while infatuation is still running so strong. It's only after all the glitter wears off that you clearly get to see exactly what you have.

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