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Het gets so angry about the way I treat myself, ...


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Compared to all my other friends (male or female) This friend of mine is constantly intiating arguments with me about how I need to cheer up and value myself more, I know I'm pessimistic but I normally make a joke out of it, all my other friends dont seem bothered by it but he always say it makes him depressed, he even said when I don't value myself he hates me, it really upset me, I'm so confused about our relationship, sometimes we can be close like share a bed, sometimes he seems like he still likes me (we had a brief thing in the past which didnt work out cause of my pessimism) also one of his friends i added on msn asked me what the deal with me and my friend was, i said were just friends why? and the guy replied "I just wondered, he's a mysterious guy" Also my friend always argues/brings his anger out more on msn where irl he doesnt really show what bothers him as much or will seem actually more caring than angry Basically I wanna know if he hates me or not , what shall I do?

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I have a guy friend (nearly eighteen) and he is what we like to call "emo". He is very emotional and makes jokes about his sadness. He even writes "woe is me" poems which I find rather sad. He says that he is not depressed but I often used to find bulletins on "stupidspace" where he would say "would someone PLEEEEEEEASE hang out with me lol".


I stopped talking to him as much as I used to because of this.


I would try not to "joke" about your emotional state of mind and not complain about the little things as much and see if this helps your friendship out a bit. My guess is that he is probably right. Sorry


P.S. How old are you?

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