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thats me!

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i'm new here! i come from germany. so you aren't surprised if my english is not so good! but you can improve me.


something about me:

i'm 14. my parents are divorced since 12 years. but that is not my problem. i don't know why i'm on this world. i don't like the world. i want to die, but i don't know already when. but sometime it would happened!


greeting henna

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hey. i'm 14 too 8) i'm a girl tho.. my parents are together, but they have been divorced once, and have planned on seperating many times. (i wish they would) i know how you feel about the world and everything, but there are people and things that make me want to stay around. (like pizza and the internet lol)


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hey! nice to meet you, looks like all the teens responding at the mo *smiles*

my parents arent split up but i dont see my dad much due to his business, i love it when were together though.


as for the world, ive seen it through the same eyes as you and do you know what those eyes do brighten to a lighter state, trust me there is goodness through all the dark.


anyway nice to meet you henna.


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Ahh, Henna, 14 is an awful age, I remember it well (It was absolutely horrendous for me too!)......

Things feel very bad for you now, but they won't forever... Things get a lot better when you're older I promise, I mean that without sounding patronising at all. Your emotions are all messed up when you're a teenager and things get easier when you're older, I never thought i would believe that but it's true. Just hang in there and don't worry, everything you're going through is normal, and you will be fine.

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Nothing is worth losing God gift of life for. thats one thing i learned. i used to be on the verge of suicide but i learned that Gods gift is too precious , im 15 goin on 16 in jan and i was on the verge of suicide since the age of about 12 but i grew out f it because i learned that even though life can be horrible trying your hardest to be a good person and a great follower of God to be very rewarding and it gives you a great feeling and makes the world worth living in. just try it and things will get better, not immediately but it gets better just truy to remember that you have people that love you and things will get better if you make them .


remember life is what you make it. good luck and i wish you the best.

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