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What exactly does he want??


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Hey could anyone help me interpret this?


My boyfriend of over five months approached me a little while ago and asked me if we could take a break over the summer. (we're in highschool) I agreed because well what can you really do? But things are still good between us. We still hang out alot at school and hug and stuff. I think we're alot stronger actually. Or at least I think so.


But he has this friend and whenever he sees her he has to go over to her and talk and flirt and joke around and he touches her! He did this before and after we were on our break! And even when he's with me! She likes him as more than a friend and he knows it. Her friend came up to him and talked to him during one of the classes they all had together. I also found out from a different friend. I know he didn't give her friend a straight answer but he still flirts with her! My friends and her friend that I know says he does it all the time and everywhere. And I've seen him get jealous if she mentions another hott guy. And then today we had finals but both he and I didn't have a test the first period so we went to study hall together. She was there. I wanted to go sit alone but he dragged me over to sit with her! They didn't flirt a lot while I was there but they did touch a few times and shared inside jokes. You could tell they knew eachother really well and I don't know there was something with them. Maybee mutual affection? And then he kept making all these mean jokes about me and stuff. His friend goes Dude your so mean! but in that way where you could tell it was affectionate. I go no its ok I know he's just joking. He doesn't say anything but makes this face to her. I don't know if I was supposed to see but his friend just kinda froze and looked at me. And then he kept referring to us as "when we were dating in front of her." But I don't know if that means anything because when we went to leave she was trying to talk to him or answer one of his questions and he kept cutting her off. And then when I went to hug him he did hug me for while but before she left they did laugh at another inside joke. She left pretty quikly. But then the rest of the day me and him hung out alot.


I'm so confused by this. What does he want? Me or Her? And whats with this break thing? are we still a couple? What are the chances of us getting back together?

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Oh ok.. welll:


Me (personal experience):


Pros: He hugs me, hangs out with me at school, makes jokes (but he also does that with everyone), we practically go everywhere with eachother at school, can be sweet and nice, told me he loved me ( I hope he still does), invites me somplaces.

Cons: Wants a break over the summer?, can make mean jokes about me, says I act like his mom sometimes, never picks up his phone when I call, refers to our relationship in the past tense.



Her (from personal experience and hearsay):


Pros (for her): Flirts with her, says he loves to talk and hang with her (doesn't understand why so much?), touches her alot, my friend says when guys look at her he gets mad and puts his arms around her, told her they could hang over the summer, never deletes her texts (he deletes everyone elses), leaves his friends to go with her, still flirted with her after was told he liked her, looks at her alot.

Pros (for me): When he was told she liked him he didn't do anything and didn't say he liked her (didn't say he didn't either..... he hugs me in front of her, hangs out with me in front of her, he's been shy around her lately (not really avoiding but..), and Idk has been weirder around her lately?


Does that help?

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you can never really understand what a guys intentions are when your young..you can never be sure. From personal experience i can confidently say that he is using you. He does see something in you and doesnt want to lose your friendship although by flirting with other girls he wants you to think that he doesnt need you and can have anyone he wants. My advice to you is if you really truly like this guy you need to put your foot down and tell im that if he continues to flirt with other people and treat you like crap, your are going to forget about him and go hang out with someone more worthy of your time. Tell him straight to his face. then you will be able to see from his reaction wether or not he is worthy of your friendship.

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It seems to me that he wants a "break" over the summer to see if he can get something going with her. Then if it doesn't work, he can just come back to you.


I don't like the way he behaves when she and you are both present. He makes mean jokes about you and refers to your relationship in the past tense, which is meant to let her know he's no longer with you. The level of disrespect in this scene is off the charts for me, but you have to consider his age, too. His adult brain has not come into formation yet.


He is trying to hook up with her whilst keeping you on the back burner, and you're the one getting hit with all the crap.

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You sound like an intelligent girl...dont settle for a guy who isnt willing to give you exactly what you deserve...when your older you'll look back and regret this time you wasted chasing a boy who could never give you what you really want.

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