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What do i do?


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Well over the weekend my ex texted me, saying that he wanted to be friends and that he would like it if we were, and that he wanted to meet up this week but then when i replied to it asking the time and day, he never replied to it and still hasnt. I think that he may be playing games with me and i do not want to be part of that game, but on the other hand i do want to be his friend.


Please help i do not know what to do!

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Do you want to be his friend because you are hoping for something more? If you do, then stop now. Dont text him again until he has something concrete to say. He is just seeing if you are still available id say. Job done. If he wants to meet you, it must be on your terms. You should have said either ' No its not healthy for us to be friends right now, maybe in the future' or if you really really want to see him then YOU should have suggested a time and date, and rejected anything else because you are 'Busy'.

Easy for me to say i know. This is so hard for us all.


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Ugh Ive been there I agree with Wizard. If you want to be friends, you need to be proactive and arrange it on your terms. But I also think you need to consider whether you are ready to be friends yet; if you saw him with a new girlfriend, how would you feel? Until you can see him with someone else without feeling jealous or hurt, I would stay away from being friends.


Also beware he doesnt want a friends with benefits relationship. My ex claimed he wanted to be friends and then turned around and said; 'we can hang out and do whatever (play games, watch films, tv whatever) and chill out as mates.


if (for any reason) we end up having sex (not saying we will, or its planned or anything) then its nothing to be ashamed of, we're both single etc; thats all i meant.'


That just leads to hurt. And I never thought he'd turn around and suggest that to me.

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