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I remember feeling lonely for a long time, sometimes I still get the feeling of being lonely for like 10 seconds and then I move on to what I think I was made for...


What I've discovered in the past years is that the mayority of people who have problems finding somebody suitable of the opposite sex is that they don't know what they actually want... Like me, I know tons of girls I'd like to date, occasionally I date someone, but then after hours of chatting I don't even know what for I would like to be with THAT person...

It becomes even worse when you date someone you don't find attractive or smart enough, someone boring or someone whom you will have to give more than you receive...


It's far more interesting to hang out with a good female friend, jokingly flirt with her, than trying to convince someone that you're the BEST for her over and over again without even knowing for what you're doing it...


I think that we can get lucky only if we can clearly imagine what kind of relationship we want and what for we want it, don't you think so???

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Funnily enough i think you have hit the nail on the head for me. I am lonely yes but not all the time. And i think i want a full time man in my life but im not really sure either. I mean my friends love me for being me which is great. But when you enter the field of dating you have to sell yourself which is something i just dont usually do. They take me or leave me simple as.

So over the past few days of dating & communicating with complete strangers i am questioning what i am doing? And iv been thinking a lot like you!lol I do want a partner but in what context evades me for now..

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