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hey guys...this is like the continuation of my topic chixx.


ok ..so this chick... has a crush on my friend..and my frend knows about this..but he has a girlfriend she looks a hell luva lot better than my crush but i like my crush better...so he tries to help me...guys have any advice??? oh yea merry christmas to you all

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Ok let me get this right. Your friend has a g/f but there is a girl that likes him that is not he g/f right? Well if that is the case then I sugest that he keeps seeing his g/f and tell the outher girl that he has a g/f. I hope that this helps.

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ehehehe no one understood my question as usual hehehe


heres the prob...i have a crush on this girl and my crush has a crush on my friend..only my friend has a girlfriend already....ok so my crush has a crush on my friend and my friend doesnt like her what do u guys suggest i do for her to like me ...hehehe i hope its understndable now hehehehee

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Does this girl you have a crush on know that your friend has a girlfriend? If she does she should back off from him and look for someone else, and you'd like that someone else to be you obviously.


First off I have no clue as to how well you know this chick. Is she a close friend, aqquaintance, co-worker or what? That info helps.


what do u guys suggest i do for her to like me

Well you can't force someone to like you. Just be yourself around her. Don't act any different around her then you would to others. Also I suggest you don't spill your guts(so to speak) to her about how you feel right off the bat. It'll most likely freak her out. Just play it cool calm and collective. Ask her if she wants to grab a bite to eat, if she says yes, then get to know her with small talk and see how it goes from their.


If she appears to have a good time during your outing, then ask her if she wants to do it again sometime. Or suggest catching a movie together.


Although I must warn you. If she has a crush on your friend, it most likely won't go away over night. Even if she knows that he's taken...

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