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Shoulders/tendons get sore when I run. Any ideas?

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A very specific part of my shoulders gets sore when I get into a regular running/cardio routine. It feels as if the weight of my arms is pulling at tendons or something (though i have no idea if that's what it is). My arms aren't very weighty, either, so it's not as if my shoulders are under any extra strain.


Does anyone else get this or know how I can alleviate the problem? It isn't horrible, just uncomfortable. Maybe there are some specific strength training exercises I can do?


Thanks in advance.

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You can alleviate the problem by strengthening the areas which you are feeling strain. Get some light weights and do some raises by lifting the weight in front of you and to the side of you. Go on line and look at the many shoulder exercises which emphasize the areas you are looking for.

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Thanks, BlueStreak. I've got some 5 and 10 pounders that I should put to use. I just don't want to bulk up. Will push-ups help too?


15 Storeys, I don't think I tense up, no...but I suppose I could be. Usually I'm so happy/high halfway into my run that there's no reason to be tense. Just regular back and forth arm motion.

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