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1 month today since he dumped me...

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and i am very sad. i am at my parents but its not helping much ive done no contact really easily and will continue to do so... i have been reading posts in here that the exs are contacting.. part of me cant help but think why doesnt mine contact me i am sitting here thinking its a long weekend he will get so drunk and hook up and i feel sick as he cheated on me

i feel so discarded so used so rejected. it seems unfair that he is not hurting and i am. it seems so unfair that he doesnt miss me at all

its so hard. i just feel so confused still about how he did it total mood swings on his part

it just saddens me that everything he hated in people he now is and has done to me........ and ihope it eats him alive

i think he did it to escape dealing with his demons but they will follow him round

im doing ok but not so much tonight:sad:

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Prettyhate, you'll be fine. It's a good thing they haven't contacted you because it makes NC all the more easy. My ex hasn't contacted me for 3 weeks - why would she? I bet my ex is thinking 'Why hasn't he tried to contact me? This isn't normal'. Then again, she could've forgotten about me while being embroiled in her new guys arms.


Your ex could be thinking the same thing, but why torture yourself? If he's cheated on you, wouldn't you be better off with someone that shows a little more faith in you?

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Long weekend here too, so I've been keeping myself busy. You should too, dear!

I haven't had time to sit and think until this morning and it's catching up with me a little, feeling a little down, but I've made lots of plans for today that I look forward to, so I know I won't be upset for long.

Go out shopping, or for lunch today, or hang out with family and friends, take advantage of your day off work! Enjoy yourself, don't dwell! xx Good luck

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