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I feel like crap because...........

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My boyfriend's dad has a problem of me and our baby not going to his hometown like on sunday and return back here on monday or tuesday. The thing is I have a flight out of here to my hometown for Christmas. That made me disagree with not wanting to go to his hometown since it's very close to the time I have to pack and get ready for my trip. My boyfriend said this afternoon that it was all up to me. Until this evening, his dad called to make sure that when we get to his hometown to you know....that the tickets are already paid for...yada...now, my boyfriend is pouting because i'm disagreeing. It makes me feel bad for disagreeing. Weather permitting, etc...makes me worried that I won't make it home. They are going to make a huge deal about it because they wanted her to go to their hometown before x-mas. It's not like they see her every once in a while. They just want her in their hometown. My family doesn't see her and hasn't in the 5 years i've lived w/my boyfriend. They saw her for 3 weeks. That's it. What should I do???????????

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Well I think that you should let your famly see her. His parants will get over it they need to under stand that she has outher grandparants and they need to see her too. Your boy friend will under stand it too, he might be depressed becouse he wants to see his parants but he needs to think how you feel. I hope that this helps.

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try sitting your bf down & telling him how you feel. if you don't want to go see his parents because your afraid you won't get back in time, then don't go. make a deal that you can go visit his parents after you get home. its not fair that his parents get to see her all the time & yours don't.

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