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trying to move on but 15-20% still consumed

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further to my previous posts..its been two months since we have broken up. with 4 weeks since i seen him last.


i miss him still alot. but it got so bad in the end...

anyway, am i thinking of moving country (middle east) with my job, think i could do with the space and new start.


the question is would you tell him

a) at all

b) when you are there

c)tell him before in case he wants to say goodbye in person


i have a sneaking suspicion he was looking at my facebook account as he never logs on. after being clingy and dependant/upset etc i now have lots of happy photos which my friends took recently. there are some with male friends in them. The next day they were posted he updated his profile to 'single', looking for dates' etc and uploaded a new photo. He never even bothers to update it, ever!...maybe just a co-incidence but im not so sure of that.


ive made out im happy in my last email to him a couple of weeks ago, travelling to barcelona by myself this week and that i was v.busy. he didnt reply obviously.


I know people say i got to move on and im trying (havent spoke in weeks/attempting to relocate) but id like to speak with him again, see how he is feeling. yes, i kno0w, its not my concern but i still care so much deep down.


any advice?

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Sorry to hear about the hard time you're going through. You've made it two months so far which is good. I probably wouldn't tell the person at all, as hard as I know it will be. It just seems to me that hoping an ex will care about something in your life still lets you hold onto the pain. If you two are friends that is another story though. Best of luck with whatever you decide.

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