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Slap me please!


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OK got drunk again and sent her a text saying that i loved her and wanted her back. That simple. Her reply was that she doesnt stop thinking about me and saying that messages like that are making it hard for her.


Why am i doing this to myself? And her for that matter. Apologies to everyone whos advice i havent followed. I am going to eat my phone.

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OK...you asked for it.


Next time you have had too much to drink and are tempted to call, why don't you get on here and post? I have talked MANY a person out of calling, emailing, or texting their ex.


They NEVER regret it in the morning.


But don't beat yourself up. You're human.


Forgive youself and move on. Today is a new day.


My best to you...



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Hey Rob


Well - what is done is done - you can't take it back, can you?! Don't apologize to us about this - you are only human - but it is not us that gets hurt - it is you!


You will eventually get to the point where the hurt of this is just not worth the effort - you know?


Next time you go out on the lash, put your phone away somewhere safe and awkward to get to - that way, it probably won't seem worth your effort to go get it until the following morning.


Take it easy mate.



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