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confusing little girl

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ive been talking to this gurl about a week and half now. she confusing me like last nite she said she didnt want a bf but i asked her tonite why and she was like the reason why i dont want one is i know what u guys do u only talk to a girl to go out with or have sex with or something like that. i was trying to explain to her i'm not like that i mean yeah i want to go out with her but if even if we never went out i would still talk to her cuase shes such a good person to talk to. she said she wants to go to the movies with me and she told me i'm going to have to meet her mom and then she asked if i wanted to go to her sisters wedding. her friends said she has had bad relationships and she doesn't want another one.now i consider myself a very nice guy. i'm not out to just bang her. i'm wanting a gurlfriend i want somebody i can talk to about anything and not make fun of me like guy friends . i also want somebody i can be close with. her friend told me just give it time. my thinking a gurl is not going to call a guy if she doesn't like him and shes not going to ask for a ride or tell me i need to meet her mom or say she wants to go to a movie with me any of that. maybe the gurl is just interested into being friends i dunno maybe i'm getting played around with. but i just think its odd for her to say something like that and but then talk bout getting closer with her? i dunno what do yall think?

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