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Dating Question: what I should do or not do


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I posted about this girl two days ago. In short, she is someone I am very interested in...the more I spend time with her the more I am into her. She expressed her interest somewhat...or at least from what I could gather. She hasn't verbally expressed it but the way she acts around me sends mixed signals. For example she invited me to a pool party, we had a great time, that night we watch a movie at her house and we snuggled up. We went out for a moive and ice cream the next night and practically spend the whole night talking like junior high kids.


Only concern is that when we hang out...I get the sense she is into me...but when we are not together, I dont really hear from her. I always initiate the text or the calls. I try not to call or text but she pops into my head frequently. Haven't been like this over a girl in a long long time. I like it at the same time i hate it becuase I am over analyzing everything!


Please...give me insight into what I should do? How do I signal to her that I am into her without being too pushy or all up on her?

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