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Falling for a good friend, what should I do?

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As some of you may know, I really like this girl in my school that I have known as a good friend since 7th grade (see about any of my topics, the girl in them is this same one.) I dont like it, I'm thinking about her almost every instant, and when I see her, its almost as if I like her even more (whats going on?). Sometimes, I get these feelings that she may feel the same way about me also, but I'm not certain (almost all the time she looks in my general direction, she gives me a warm comforting smile, she does some small flirty things around me, and she treats me differently compared to other guys.) Should I try my best to not think of her in a romantic point of view and just stay good friends, or try to find a way to get her into my embrace? Any tips and advice in general would be very helpful and appreciated . (just a small note, yes i do find her to be near godly perfection, shes the dream girl i have been waiting for all my life. shes beautiful, smart, kind, thoughtful, funny, fun to be with, and more . Shes so great, ive even seen some people i know hitting on her, and they dont even know her name .) sry, that last comment was just random ramblings.

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I think if you would like something to happen between you both....you might just want to start talking to her. If you already talk to her, then talk to her a little more, on the phone maybe or out of school. Maybe offer hanging out or something like that. I believe you should just let things happen. If its meant to happen it will. Everything happens for a reason bro.


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Dude, she likes you. Get closer to her. If something is going to happen it will. Even if it doesn't work out, you'll still have your friendship (As long as you don't do something completely stupid and idiotic to alienate her Trust me, I've seen it happen before.

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