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hes confusing me!! please help

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If he smiles at you, then he likes you. Do you like him? If you do, give him a signal or two and he will ask you out. When he makes eye contact, smile and hold it for a second, then smile, then look coy and look away. When he tries to talk to you, compliment him on something like what he said in class, the shirt he has on, etc. repeat until he asks.

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Well, if he is asking your best friend to go out with him, why isn't she? Isn't that like a giving you a free pass to go out with him?


If she wants him, she should do what she needs to do to keep him.


If she is not going out with him, then you should tell her what you were going to, if she doesn't, so she can make up her mind first. (Hey, if you don't want him, then let me take him).

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i didnt tell her that i like him and if she finds out she will never talk to me again!!


but i like him ALOT but like 2 dyas ago she told me that she kinda likes him again but she doesnt wanna go out with him and now she just told me that he asked her at the end of the day if she wanted to hold his hand ( she sed no)


idk wut to do anymore

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Let's see, she is being asked to do stuff by him. She says no. So they are not doing anything.


You like him, he likes you. But you won't do anything because they once and might someday have something going on, but when is anyone's guess and it is also a big guess as to if it will ever come off, as she keeps turning him down.


I understand some of the respect not to make mvoes on anothers ex, but there is a limit. If she is going to turn him down, I see no reason for you to do the same. Somebody here should be getting together.

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