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Is it normal for Convo to drop off some in a ltr/ldr


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i was curious if anyone else has experienced this? Me and my gf have been in a ldr and friends under the same conditions for some time which has meant just a lot of talking and we have basically learned everything about our past and as it is we both at the moment lead rather boring lives...that is our days dont really consist of much and maybe i personally am just not much of a conversationalist although i can remember in the past going on 3 and 4 hour phone calls with her until i couldnt hold the phone up to my head anymore.


Anyone ever come accross this? what did you do to remedy it? any advice or reading i could do to help get us back on track i just feel like ive forgotten how to talk to someone that i seem to talk to everyday if not multiple times a day?

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Try going on link removed or some other news site and send each other links to interesting news stories. That's what my boyfriend and I do when we can't think of anything to discuss. There's always *something* going on in the world that you can talk about.

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hi forgotten,


i think in LTR it can be easy to slip into the mindset that u have learned everything about ur other half. i can't speak for the LDR side of things, but i guess it's the same kinda thing as long term. i'm really lucky cuz i've been with my bfd for 4.5 years and we have very similar interests. we also have separate interests tho, so we have never ever run out of things to talk about. we're either totally engaged in sharing/discussin our interests or finding out about the other side of our hobbies.


u must have to spend a lot of time on the fone for LDRs, but when ur together, try and enjoy the silence! if u both come to a natural break in a convo, don't panic and think oh god, wot can i say next!? it should feel really relaxed and chilled to be together even if ur not saying anything to one another!


ladyblue's idea is a good one - it's something neutral to talk about. also, u say u know everything about one another's past, so y don't u put the focus onto wot u both want from the future? it doesn't have to revolve totally around the relationship, but mite spark up some more interesting convos?


hope this helps!

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