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What happened?


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This is sort of odd... but somedays i just feel like i can't be in a relationship anymore... i'm very easy going and it just seems like my other half (2 years) just rides my butt and criticizes all the time. I really can't take it anymore and it is wearing me down. problem is we are supposed to live together. for another 2-3 years. i don't know how to get out... i just feel like i am stuck in a situation i cannot get away from. i don't know how to go about bringing this up to her or even go about breaking up with her... it is all very scary for me.




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small arguments... i just try to play it off... but the arguments are starting to happen. i'm just being myself... but i am always "acting weird" or doing "something" different...

i don't understand... it is like we are arguing about some mystery behavior that does not exist.

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Since you're at the point of thinking of ending things with her you owe it to her to tell her just how you feel and let her or give both of you an opportunity to see if the problem can get worked on and ultimately fixed. I don't think you should abandon her without warning or do something now. Tell her exactly how you feel and what it is that you want and see if you guys can work on making things better. Give it a few months and if it doesn't work than you break up with her, move on and find someone else.

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