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How do you know if you are a premature ejaculator?

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Errr.. asking about premature ejaculation without having ejaculated is like asking about having a peanut allergy without having eaten any peanuts.


If you're worried about it you can do the following when you have sex:


1) Think about something "unsexy" while having sex so as to decrease your feeling of excitement:

a) Your parents having sex (your dad saying "Who's your daddy" to

your mom)

b) Your girlfriend going to the bathroom ("Who's your daddy")

c) Your best friends hairy back ("Who's your daddy!")

2) Make sure you change sexual positions so as to give some time to decrease stimulation - as well this gives your girlfriend the impression that you're experienced and kinky

3) Do not let your excitement get you ahead of the moment. You'll blow your wad 10 seconds of getting in if you've built it up to to biblical proportions. As well, it'll only be a let down.

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Don't compare masturbation to sex.


Some warnings though. Don't masturbate too much as it can have 1 of 2 negative effects. If you masturbate too much:


1) You can make yourself a hair trigger and turn yourself into a premature masturbator


2) You can only get off by masturbation.


That said, fast results from masturbation doesn't mean you're going to be a premature ejaculator. Just make sure to take breaks, change positions and learn how to control yourself.

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