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Finding Freedom


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I'm standing here alone, and the breeze is saying hi,

Just a comfortable feeling. Just before I'm gonna die,

Clouds have crept along forever, shadows creepling further still,

Crying out my beaten heart, can you hear the scream so shrill?


Yet amongst the darkness deep, I did see a lonely light,

And it called and called and called, with its hope no longer bright,

So I let my grip a-loosen, and I took a leap of faith,

And landed on my memory of all darkness, ghoul and wraith,


I saw my chance before me, but it did just betray me,

I turned around despairing, thinking I lost completely,

But what I saw that moment on, I knew it to be meant to be,

For from that moment forth I knew blind I was then - now I could see!


She glanced my way holding a smile that sent a shiver through,

The trees stopped swaying, leaves floated still, and I knew what to do,

I reached out hard, and she did too, we tried and tried and tried,

Yet slowly, slowly, bit by bit, our distance grew more wide,


Then her smile faltered, mine did too, and time tried waking fast,

It roared and screeched and forced its way, 'till it returned at last,

The girl reached in her pocket quick, and pulled a tiny thought,

A thought of hope, of joy, of love, something that can't be taught,


Hurling it forth, I grabbed it's tail, and held it to my chest,

My only way out of this place, this gift can do the rest,

A smile, that's all, and she was gone, a tear mark on the ground,

No chance to even say goodbye, she left without a sound,


Time craned its neck to see my face, and nodded ever slow,

Staring at me, it held my hand, "Looks like it's time to go"

I closed my eyes and was sent back, head bent down the whole while,

The only memory in my head, that girl and her warm smile,


I wake up in my bed once more, to see the ceiling plain,

Have I gone crazy? Guess it was a dream or I'm insane,

I walk outside, the night still strong, and breathe the chilly air,

An owl looks at me so strange, it does not cease its stare,


Something's different, something's changed, I feel it in my mind,

Like tiny lights swirling around, my nerves start to unwind,

A twitch, my lips feel strange somehow, so THIS is called a smile?

I guess the girl never did leave, she was with me all the while,


I'm standing here alone, and the breeze is saying hi,

Just a comfortable feeling. Just before I'm gonna cry.



Just made it up on the spot...it's a metaphorical story about a part of my past

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