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It's been SEVEN months and it's really strange to me that these 'waves' of anger still happen! Like right now. Why- simple thing as seeing one of his girls' on a mutual "friend's" facebook (This "friend" was someone who knew all about her but didn't say a word to me when he sat accross me at dinners or over drinks)! I remembered one of her emails to my ex bf and she sounded so hurt. He only used her and actually mailed this mutual friend, gloating about him spending the night at her place. Do 28 year old men really behave like this? N to think just half an hour ago I was feeling sad that he hasn't even tried to get in touch in the last nearly two months. I nearly called him but didn't have anything to say to him. What I keep telling myself is that he lied and cheated so many times when we together-he obviously did not give two hoots about me- so why in the world should I feel bad now that he isn't trying to get in touch? If only telling myself over and over would work. Seven months of getting four hours of sleep each night and then going to work is crazy!

My sister said it is a good thing he isn't calling. Because I really am that stupid to give people too much credit. I would be stupid enough to want to trust him again.

But I do feel sad that I lived with this man for one and a half years and the person I thought I was with was all in my head.

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Looking on facebook and seeing mutual friends also kills me a little inside. I feel like it's a step backwards after all that time of no contact.


Best thing I do is look at my own friends who I know never hang with my ex. That way I don't have to see any traces of him.


Also, remain strong with no contact. Your ex doesn't deserve to know that you are thinking about him or missing him or anything. You accept that he's a liar and a cheater. Leave it in the past.


Please take care of yourself! It's normal to feel angry towards your ex, but later on it'll be better if you think less about him and how unfairly he treated you.

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