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My sister is having this little christmas party and my sisters friend is coming she is 3 years older than me (I'm 14, she's 17) and she knows I like her and she acts like she likes me by calling me her sexy man. I want to ask her to be my date to the party but If she says yes I don't know what to do at the party?

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Ok, I'm new here.. so.. that having been said, here's what I think.. your sister probably has told her, just what you said that you're attracted to her and everything, and she might (I use this word strongly) just be doing that to kind of.. I dunno, mess with you, but in a good way. kind of boost your ego.. this happened to me alot when I was younger with friends of my sister. only thing is, I knew it was all in good fun (kind of dissappointing), so I never really took a risk with any of them. you, however, can do that and I urge you to, strongly. I mean, if you ask this girl I can almost guarantee she'll say yes, and when she does don't come on too strong.. I mean, flirt, but do this carefully.. watch her reactions, analyze them to make sure they're not jokingly put out there.. and come to a conclusion based on that. if she does respond to these in an equally-attracted manner, you're in the clear and asking her on future dates is definatly a good idea. if it's all fun and games, you know.. younger-annoying brother type stuff, lol, just let it go and remain good friends. maybe somewhere down the line it'll get serious.. but remember to be confident, open-minded,charming, funny, and not obviously horny. (or at least not too obvious.. lol)

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