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Semi-Crush from the Past; Re-connecting.


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So here's the situation. About 2 years ago I was working at a restaurant as a cook and so was my girlfriend at the time and another girl we were friends with. I was in a long-term relationship (lasted 4 years) and I didn't pay much attention to what other girls thought of me at the time because it didn't matter, I was happy with my situation and things were going great. Well about a year ago that 4 year relationship ended. The other girl goes to the same college as me but I've only bumped into her 2-3 times each year (and none this semester) because shes a commuter and I live on campus. At this point I would be interested in getting back in contact with her and maybe seeing if dating would be an option but I haven't talked to her in over a year and I feel like it would seem really strange to just call her out of the blue with no reasons at all. We weren't like best friends or anything then and didn't talk on the phone other than to meet up for lunch on campus a couple times a week so it's not like I could just be calling to catch up or anything. Best to just forget and let things go on?

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