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Does Love Depreciate Over Time?


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Hi all,


I guess its a simple question.


My gf and I have been together for 4 1/2 years and we had our ups and downs just like everybody else. We are both 27.


First when we started, I can say that now she was truly in love with me. She is that sweet little girl like a fluffy animal. Very sensitive, emotional, cries easily, extremely harmless. Just a sweet little girl.


I guess over the years, shes more mature, not like a fluffy animal anymore. Would fight back every chances she gets, rough, still very sensitive and emotional but in a BAD BAD way. I guess shes became a WOMEN.


I miss that part of her, very sweet little girl that makes me laugh when she does something dumb. Now, shes just very defensive and I wouldn't even DARE to smirk at her stupidity.


I guess in the begging of the relationship, she gave her 100% of love to me and my love for her was growing more and more each day.


Now I guess I am in a situation where her love for me is decreasing day by day and my love for her is increasing day by day yet I feel like my love is being taken for granted.


Does love depreciate over time?


Is this a normal relationship?

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People change. Sometimes people grow apart.


But I believe that if you both TRULY want to be in your relationship, and are both basically happy with one another, then you should sit down, discuss all your issues and work it out so you're both happier.


I think the trick is to say, 'This might be a trivial thing that in time becomes the reason why we broke up.' If you guys love each other and want to STAY in love, then make sure you're talking about your problems. Why *is* your girlfriend more defensive ? Find out, and maybe she'll relax a little more around you.


The worst thing would be to let the problem fester and then try and avoid her because you don't know what to say. Ugh, that would be so miserable.

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Some say so, But in terms of getting out of the infatuation stage of the relationship. Its no longer about being around her all the time and learning who she is. Its a two way street as well, Its time to start doing those special things that make her feel super special, if you feel she deserves it. Do some first date activities to remind her of what it was like, maybe nostalgia will kick in and refresh your relationship. That way that sweet girl will be reminded that you appreciate her.

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