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How to say it


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hey.. well, i'm in lots of trouble here and sure dunno if my head can think up with something sweet or new... yet u lik it or not, let me know k... here... meet him like u always do... tell him u wanna spend a day with him... be around with him the whole day, not the night yet k... plan up a long drive, somewhere... chat like u always do...have fun... never give him the clue its on ur mind... and maybe out at the beach or something, on a warm evening sun, tell him that you have been wanting to say something... how u feel when he's around... how sweet he makes u feel.. how u cant stop smiling at him when u see his face... And also, incase u share ur probs with each other, u cud tell him how his serious way of listenin silently to u makes u feel sweet and protected... how u would love to fall into his arms... look into his eyes, hug him, tell him, that he's the one for u...


I dunno if i kinda exagerated. and i dunno how much is possible. just be natural, normal... just keep that smile, u'll be alright... good luck... tc

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