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advise on oral


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blondebabe22: Do not bite on his penis..no guy doesn't like to be bitten in the area. lick the shaft and the head of the penis. You can even play with his balls. You can even ask him what he likes.


SnowY as for your question: ask her what she likes. lick/suck her clit, labia and if you want to, stick your tongue in and out of her vagina.


There's my advice. Just ask and they'll tell you what they like.



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swingfox is right if you look on the links or the icon labelled oral sex above the first post, youll find a whole lot more information and it will be pretty detailed for you.


as long as you dont bite and possible ask what they enjoy like musicguy suggested, it wont be just you doing the work but both of you communicating and enjoying it together.


good luck in new experiances.


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