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Email from ex....along with mine. Is she receptive? Help!

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you haven't changed. you'll change once you stop obssessing over this chick. it's like you're begging her to hang out with you. you're smothering her and nobody likes to be smothered. it's turning her off even more. here's a little trick... do the OPPOSITE of what you want to do right now. she broke up with you, so why do you even talk to her. she doesn't deserve shit. get some self-respect and stop talking to this girl. dont call her, dont write her. when she calls ignore her. be strong. she's not interested in you cause you sound pathetic. girls don't want a guy like that and you don't want to be like that anyway.

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Youre right. I went a week with no contact then we email each other. It got worse on the phone. It started nice and funny then I tried to have her realize that I've changed and am doing good (that's what she always wanted) Then We end up getting into this lobg discussion and she ends up crying saying I hurt her. She said I told her I was the only guy who would never hurt her....and I did. It's so over now.

I went to her house after the phone call to apologize and she treated me like shat. ended up walking away from me acting like I was hassling her. I went beyond everything I should've done now it's over for good. No going back after this. I feel like crap.....so I'm going ot a bar with some friends who know I'm a great guy and getting drunk!!


I don't know why I want this little B back so bad? She treats me like shat all the time. I beg and she builds from it. I wish I never talked to her again. It hurt to see her after so long....she looked beautiful. Well I'm off to meet more beautiful women. She's not the only one..


This is probably the end of DestructoBoy.....take care everyone.

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