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Positive thoughts for the unemployed or soon-to-be

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I thought I'd share some of the positive thoughts I've been trying to cultivate in my job search. Maybe they will help those of you that are unemployed or looking for new work.


-do what’s in your best interest

-come up with a realistic financial plan

-get extra income while looking

-choose options that are realistic

-watch out for overoptimistic thinking

-don’t take on more than you can realistically handle

-stay organized so you can focus

-be patient while making slight progress

-don’t make sweeping changes

-pay attention to small opportunities and small changes

-take one small step at a time

-find balance between job search and other parts of life

-keep your eyes on the prize

-pay attention to your dreams

-nourish your mind and body

-make time to laugh, love and enjoy life

-don’t be afraid of feeling lost

-focus on moving forward

-be receptive

-let yourself be guided and motivated

-see this as a blessing in disguise

-when one door closes, another one opens

-look for the opportunity in difficulty

-keep up your spirits

-everyday assess what you are grateful for

-no matter what job you take, it won’t be ideal

-no matter what happens, you'll be fine

-make the best of things

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-don’t be afraid of feeling lost


This one has certainly been the hardest for me since deciding not to go into the profession I studied in college. I am constantly fighting the feeling, but now... I am more accepting of the feeling of being lost, and hopefully will move into that stage of excitement about it, that anything can happen...

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Yes, anything can happen! That's a great attitude.


Feeling lost is hard. I try to think of it as driving in a fog or not knowing the directions somewhere. You always find your way soon enough.


I hope these thoughts soothe you as much as they do me. I didn't come up with them all in one sitting. LOL They're thoughts I've written down during this job search and over the years.

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