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How To Win Back The Love of Your Ex


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I'm surprised I haven't boughten one of these books as much as I've looked into them the past couple weeks. This one offers a "7 day trial" before you're actually billed. Probably too good to be true, considering you could just read it in those 7 days, then ask for your money back..

And it bothers me they have no contact info available. It's by Mirabelle Summers, 2nd chance/How to win back the love of your ex.


If anyone's read it, I'm curious..

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I skimmed trough it(only couple pages), it says things U may already know: sincerely apologize (don’t blame—take full responsibility), show regret, tell U fix the problems/U change, keep trying but leave when asked.


Personally I believe U shouldn’t try because U broke up for a reason. Both of you may be good people, but U’r style just doesn’t fit together. For example there may be nice furniture, but doesn’t fit in your house—just like you don’t fit together. Learn from experience, & find someone who will fit w/ you better. Because changing for someone usually doesn’t last, & creates resentment, U’r differences will hurt in future, so find someone whom U can be happy w/.


Also, this book already been discussed (check page #9)

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