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Ok so im 23 year old male,

my fiance recently decides we werent rlly too happy, which is fair we got too involved with other things didnt pay much attention to each other. so we talk about a break right ? now i feel like this was the worst choice in my life, she wont speak to me cuz shes afraid i will try and talk her out of this idea which i will and she keeps saying she needs some space and that she needs this for her


weve been together 6 years


i cant breathe i havent eaten in days and ive drank way too much last count was 6 bottles of wine in 2 days. im sober now and want to try and fix this big mistake ive gotten in to

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This sounds so much like the relationship I lost.


I wish I could help.


The only thing I can think to say is that if you do ever get back together, then you love her and show your love for her like nothing else, and if you don't, then leave the country or go some place far away.


I know it sounds insane, but if you're anything like me, then the alternative is not a happy one.


I hope you find peace and happiness. Not to sound like a wuss or anything, but really, when you love someone you love some one.

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uh, um, no.


First...put down the wine. Just makes it worse.


Second, after putting down the wine and getting your head straight, take a few days to really search within and figure out what you want.


Third...put down that bottle of wine! Right now!


And finally,...


In my opinion you are doing the right thing to give her the space she needs right now. To do otherwise would be seen as you trying to push her, and she will not appreciate that. So, lay low for a couple weeks...no contact at all...then text, email, call, but be brief. And nothing but friendly-no emotional stuff. Maybe a "Just thinking of you-hope you are doing well" or something to that effect. And then be patient-don't follow up at all...may take a day or two but she will likely respond if you lay low and don't follow up after that initial contact. And worst case scenario? She doesn't respond, and that's your clue that she is not interested at all, and then you begin to move on, and then you switch over to Healing after Break up or Divorce forum on here...hope that doesn't happen, but no matter what, we will all be on here ready to help you through this...

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