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I don't think I'll ever do it, but I am thinking about it...


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...and it's mainly because I found out through the internet that my ex is now seeing someone after only 7-9 months of being broken up with me. I discovered this first through seeing a FaceBook image of her, and then I called her to get something back of mine, but while I had her on the phone I asked her if she was seeing someone else and she said yes.


I suppose everything that happened up to this point doesn't really matter anymore. I feel like the 2 years we were together is now a complete waste. Sure, we had good times, but what difference does that make? You know it doesn't change anything. Honestly, all I want to do right now is die. I even left work early because I just couldn't stop crying. It's like the bad guy won or something. I did everything I could for that girl. I even changed my dreams for her. I took a damn job I hate for her, moved into a city I don't like for her and after I moved, she left me. And now she's with some other guy. I really want to die. Can someone please give me a reason not to do something rash? Out of everyone in my "family", the only person I talk to is my grandmother, and she's getting too old for this sort of thing. My place of employment offers things like mental assistance, but I tried it once, and the person I saw never said anything. She just sat there and listened. It didn't help at all. I have no money for a real therapist, oh man, I just don't know what to do about any of it. I've never felt this bad in my entire life.

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Hey Wolf,


I DO know how you feel. But why end your life because of a girl?


That would mean SHE won.


The best revenge is to to live your life happy and forget her.


You WILL find someone who deserves you.


It takes time to get over it, but once you do you will be better and learn a lot from this.


Don't talk to her anymore, erase her from our facebook. And move on.

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These feelings are completely normal. But DON'T allow yourself to even think about acting on them.


I married the woman of my dreams, she was beautiful, she adored me, I moved her to the US, paid for her immigration, we had a child and I worked my ass off so she could stay home in a beautiful house in the burbs, her own car and credit card. After 5 years of marriage she asked for a divorce, out of the blue. She immediately jumped into another serious relationship.


I thought long and hard about killing myself. But why? What would that gain? She doesn't care about me anymore so it wouldn't even have the pathetic benefit of hurting her! I thought of my son and my Parents and siblings, why put them through that? My cousin did and I can't tell you what it did to my Aunt and Uncle


Tough it out, it ain't easy, and some days it will be a minute by minute struggle. BUT, when you finally break thorugh, you will be a better, stronger, happier man.


In the mean time we are here for you! OK?

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I'm sorry you are feeling this way


I can't leave this thread without saying... If you are considering suicide, PLEASE talk to that mental health professional at work, go to the ER, call a hotline. I've been suicidal before and it sometimes goes way down before it gets better.

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only 7-9 months?


id consider yourself lucky haha. All of my ex's have been with someone else within 1-2 months.



Same here. It speaks volumes about their unhappiness with themsleves.


My wife left me in 2005, I'm still single. Granted, soon after I thought I wanted a relationship, but I'm learning loads about ME and spending quality time with my son, friends, and MYSELF! I like myself



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...It just seems like things happen for no reason, and since I'm a logical person, this completely debunks every notion of understanding that I had about her.


So some of you believe that there's light at the end of the tunnel?

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