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yeah i know... am so sick of feeling this way. tired of her occupying my thoughts. i feel like i am torturing myself, but it is like i cant stop. i know it takes time, but it seems to move so slow right now. i have some ok moments, but for the most part it is still a constant struggle. i am so tired of struggling. i try to fight my thoughts and think something positive, but am really having a hard time seeing the positive.

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Ya it is so hard. Just remmember this everytime you feel down:

They might be able to take your relationship ship away, but they CANT take your life away.


You will get through this i promise, then later on down the road when that special person comes along you will be glad this hole thing happened.

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well his isnt until june 22 but im already pondering if i can just send a "have a good day" text or email.

i just celebrated mine last week and i heard nothing from him. I wonder if he even remembered, considering last year he threw my party.

we have been broken up now for 11 months, stopped talkin to me in january. I even sent him a work related IM and he just didnt respond.

do i be the bigger person, expecting no reply.

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did you send him any kind of a happy birthday message at all?


my ex was sayin how much he wanted to be friends with me back at xmas, 6 months after we broke. i responded in kind saying i did too, then i ran into hiim and he suddenly changed his tune and said he didnt see the point.

i havent heard from him since. I feel like somewhere he misses me but im possibly just deluding myself.

i heard nothing from him on my bday, but figure in 2 months when its his id like to wish him a happy day or a have a good day in some way, but i dont know

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mine cheated too, in some small capacity. He wanted his freedom cuz he was "antsy" as he said.

it started off just weird, he would say i love you so much but i cant see you. then it just went downhill, he treated me poorly, kept cutting contact then would get in touch with random things.

we had a blowout at a bar in jan when he said he didnt want to be friends and now he acts like hes scared of me or something.

ive sent him two emails since then just saying something about work and one to wish him a happy easter, he ignored both.

the bday thing, i just dont know

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