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My personality goes from one extreme to the next all the time

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For some reason I have times when my personality kind of fluctuates. There are some days where I can be extremely talkative and outgoing. I'm not afraid to speak what's on my mind and it just flows naturally. My sarcastic comments come right out without much thought.


Then there are other days when I'll be completely dry and quiet. I'll be in a group and I won't say anything because I can't think of anything to say. Or I'll avoid people because I'm worried I'll say something stupid.


It's all kind of draining my energy in a way. I can never just be myself. I always have a different feeling everyday. It's so weird.


It's weird how I change on a day-to-day basis. I doubt this is normal at all. Does anybody experience anything similar? Any thoughts?

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It could be so many things. It could be something as simple as the foods you are eating (healthy diet/healthy mind).. it could be your age.. maybe going through a major change in life.. it could be something you need to talk to a doctor about...

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omg I know exactly how you feel! I've actually just been crying about the same problem. I feel like I don't know who the hell I am or what my personality is, because sometimes I'm so outgoing and chatty and feel so laid back. Other times I'm so so insecure and paranoid, I can't say what I want to because I'm scared of sounding stupid and I feel like everyone's looking at me and judging me. I'm a dj in a club and was djing tonight, and for some reason I felt really paranoid and weird. I felt like everyone was watching me really closely and everytime people didn't dance to a song I felt myself start feeling insecure and shakey and thinking that everyone was judging me. I wanted to say some stuff on the mic, but I was too scared to incase I embarrassed myself somehow.


I couldn't even bring myself to make some happy birthday announcements. Then at the end of the night the managers and bar staff were standing around talking and I wanted to walk over and join in and say something interesting, but I just kind of hovered near them with nothing to say and feeling out of place. I felt isolated and again, paranoid that everyone was watching me and judging me. I was too scared to talk in case I said something stupid, but I was probably making myself look worse by standing on my own looking awkward and not saying anything. And then my manager was being nice and was all like well done, you did a good night, and generally trying to chat to me. I really wanted to say something friendly back, but my mind just went blank and I found myself staring at the floor and blushing. I don't know what the hell is wrong with me! I just feel so insecure lately. It's not just that I'm a shy person though, because sometimes I'm so confident and outgoing and make people laugh, and other times i'm withdrawn and paranoid. I feel like when I get insecure and can't talk, like when my manager was trying to talk to me, I think I come accross as really rude and unfriendly or arrogant. I don't want people to think I'm like that, I feel like im going crazy.

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It's funny the way you put it. I can certainly relate to you. Some days I'm so confident that it's written all over me. There are other days when I skip lunch because I don't even feel like having to wait in line around people. I think a good part of it has to do with the ADHD I apparently have. I know many people don't feel that attention disorders are legitimate, but I know that since I started taking medication for it the worst symptoms ceased.


Now I've been taking that same medicine for so long that my tolerance is too high for it to make of a difference which is very frustrating. Or maybe it's that we're not cut out for the whole live and work in this environment until you can retire when you're too old to appreciate it... Who knows? I'll say that if you pretend to be confident nobody will be able to tell the difference.

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"Be yourself" is a most tautological statement. Who is "yourself" and how can you consciously be someone [you're not]? Has it ever helped anyone to instruct them to "be themselves?" The same goes for "calm down" or "relax." Like either of those really do squat.


That said, I think your best bet is to see a cognitive-behavioral therapist. Question your thought processes and work to change your core beliefs. SSRIs/mood stabilizers may also be beneficial.

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