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After talking to several people with similar experiences to mine i started to see a pattern. Each person i talked to was given the line" i need space" and in each case ,including my own, what was really going on was there was either cheating already taking place or interest in pursuing another man. So my question is , when you hear this lame line , does it more than likely mean another man or just they need "space"? I realize that this may be a generalization , but it struck me kind of funny how many guys had the same thing happen to them.



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Just because they tell you they need space doesn't mean there is somebody else, or Whatever..

When I broke up with my BF, i told him that I needed space and time to think about things and Get my Head Clear and I havent Once cheated on my bf nor Was I breaking up with him for anyone else, I just needed Time to Myself.

Yes, I'm sure there is plenty of girls (and guys alike) that use that line when there is someone else but Dont automatically assume that's the reason. Cause sometimes people do need "Space' and need to be away from the relationship for awhile.


~ Angel ~

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Most guys would rather have their manhood taken than hear that sad line before a breakup. I don't "need" space, I "need" to know what's going on.


As for that, sometimes yes sometimes no. It is an easy out, and people generally take the path of least resistance.


Sometimes I do need space. When I am sitting playing video games, the last thing I need is some woman wanting to cuddle on the couch with me.


And I know you women are thinking "Oh that's terrible," but how many times have I tried to get in the way of you painting your toenails or talking with one of your friends on the phone.


Zero, Doughnut, nada nil.


Between the time I spend doing my things, and her doing her's. We enjoy our time together. If my woman needs space, then I am perfect for her.


What can you trust, spill, throw, and blow? You gut.


The gut is never wrong. You trust the gut, then you did the right thing. Although sometimes your gut gets you sobbing on an exgirlfriend's doormat, but you trusted it in an act of desperation and that takes balls.


But that is from the guy's POV.


I am not saying what you did was a bad thing. Breaking up is part of a relationship, and it is important. Give the man a better answer than "I need space". What you want a bigger apartment? Maybe he can knock down a wall. Open the place up a bit. That's a boyfriend job.


All I am saying is that a man needs more reason than that. Let him know what bothers you, and that him constantly calling you isn't giving you any time. If you intend to not get back with him, bite the bullet and tell him. In the end, both of you will feel better. You will have your space and he can move on.


Don't feel bad. Even though 9 out of 10 women have used that line, you probably ment it.


That's what I see. Good luck and take care.

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I suppose I used that line myself, though I was MUCH more specific, when I separated from my husband - however, there wasn't and isn't no "other guy" waiting for me in the wings. I was at the point that our issues and problems made me physically flinch away and jump to attention whenever I was even in the same room - I meant space literally, and I wasn't short on the explanations.


I've been given a very similar line from a guy who also didn't have another specific girl waiting - so it seems to be about 50-50 between people who want space - from the relationship, and space - because I can't get with X while you're in my picture and son't want to say I want someone else. Frankly I'd rather be honestly TOLD the second to give me more incentive to get my butt moving on than be stuck thinking it's just "mind clearing" space - so I have to agree there,

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