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Need advice! double question


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Ok I have been trying a couple of internet dating sites like okcupid and plentyoffish. I will email girls that I am interested in and it doesn't seem to go passed that. Most of the time the emails are simple. Things like "your profle caught my eye and I would love to get to know you better". I try to ask a question if I can. If not I stay to the point of "check out my profile and lets chat".


So my first question would be where am I going wrong? Is the problem my email or perhaps my profile? I have tried to get help in the "profile suggestion" forums and all I seem to get are things like,"you need to add more" and "i think it was kind of boring so you should make it more lively" and then no suggestions on how.


My second question is that I emailed on girl and she responded which is good....I think. have been asking her questions but she hasn't asked me any. Is she just being curteous and responding to my questions or does she possible seem interested?


Id like to get both men and women's perspective on this.


thanx all

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Gaawd. And I find its me who always asks the questions, men never seem to have much to say, but it depends on them I guess. Hmm, can you post your profile on this thread? XD I would engage the women, rather than just pointing out, oh I saw your profile, I would mention something in her profile you are interested in or whatever, it will catch her attention more, and make you stand out

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You need to give her a reason: 1.) why you are emailing her. Like if she's into snowboarding and you are, talk about that for a bit. 2.) Why she should email you back.


It's classic Marketing 101. The only way people will buy your product is to create a need inside the consumer. 2 ways of doing this? 1.) Informational advertising. You need to create a good profile. 2.) Emotional advertising. In your emails, you need to create an emotional/social need for them to respond to you based on their interests and how you can satisfy them.

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I always get replies. I typically tend to type up my life story, what I'm about, what I like to do and send it.


A few sentences isn't showing any effort. It's the equivalent to sitting at the end of the bar and giving a girl a glance and then wondering why she isn't coming up to you and talking to you.

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Thank you for your advice. I tried to change it up and actually put some more personal aspects to my email. I have emailed a two girls and already got a response from one. Im also trying update my profile and put more of myself in there. This time I will put more about "who I am". Hopefully it will help me find someone I can really connect with. So here's to you advice givers. Cheers!!

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