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Well, I spoke with my man yesterday about his whole being busy thing, and his whole not really spending time with me thing, and he told me that he loved me and all and wants the commitment, we have but that he needs my support right now because he is so busy. I want to support him, but my question to all of you is, do you think he would tell me this just to pacify me, if he is spending time with another women? Another words if there is another women involved could this be about that, and he is neglecting me, but wanting to keep me there too?

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TRUST, oh I hate that word, its just as useful and meaningful as men at their wedding receptions screaming how they promise to be true forever and ever. YEAH RIGHT. I am not asking that question for the old trust reason, I wanted to know....if he is really busy, or if he is geering up to dump me. Other posts on this thing have me scared that he's pulling away to eventually pull off and take off and leave.

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If he's asking you to support him - I'd say most likely it's not another girl. Generally, at least from what I've seen, a guy who really is fooling around or wants to back off a relationship will be more defensive than this, more like - "Back the (preferred expletive) off! Can't you see I've been busy?!?" Most people, guys included, get very defensive when they feel they've got something to feel guilty about - even if it's not cheating and just slacking off (getting a bit overconfident and taking you for granted) or getting disinterested. His reaction sounds more like he's taking how you feel into consideration and asking for a bit of understanding in return til things get less hectic, if you see what I mean there.

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I agree with The Morrigan. I think maybe you should keep yourself occupied so you are not so worried and paranoid. It sounds like you have been hurt in the past, and that is interferring with the present. I understand that completely, and it is okay to be cautious, but if you are not careful you will push him away because of your reactions. If you love him truly you need to stand by him and give him your support. Things will look better.

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