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Just one night


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How can I ever forget you? You made me feel loved.

Of all the people that I have held, you are the one that I will never forget.

You took that one night we spent together and turned it into something I will look back on for the rest of my life. Now I carry a piece of you with me, wherever I go.


You came into my life for just one day—and things started to look better. You touched me with your passionate smile and kissed me with your soft lips and hugged all of my worries away.


Before you wrapped your arms around me, I felt cold and bitter. Now that I have felt the touch of a good person, I have something to look forward too every day. You taught me that life doesn’t revolve around what you have, but what you want. What I want is to be happy and you made me that much closer.


I know that we only spent one night together, but that that one night felt like heaven. If I could go back in time and stay there forever I would never leave your side. I don’t know how you feel about me, but from what you’ve told me I feel like you care. You showed me apart of myself that I forgot about. I wish things could’ve been different. It would be amazing if we could be together…

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