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EX messages me this morning.

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I know i haven't been on ENA for a while, I was just really busy with school and work.


SO this morning suddenly out of nowhere the ex messages me at 9:49 AM. saying Hey X hope y ou are fine, I missed you lately so I thought I would message you (little bit of info : we met on March 27th last year so it is around the same period now). If xxx is also in town (my cousin who was her friend and I met her through him) we should all go out.



I am in a little bit of shock but i don't think messages like that means anything other then just a group reunion(no get back together i mean).


what do you all think?



P.S on April 9th was her birthday I sent her a message saying happy birthday and wished her all the best (just to be polite since she did the same for me on mine)


so maybe it wasn't out of the blue after all..



I don't know i am very confused. any comments and advices and opinions would be great. thanx



many thanks in advanced.

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If you are mentally & emotionally up to it then get yourself off on the reunion..


I have had reunions with my ex's on numerous occasions,some were easy,some were more difficult. But in the end it sealed our friendship. And we went out lots & got to know each other as just good friends. Something to treasure..

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Thank you all for the responses. She called me right after I left for work today and wanted me to come to see meet everyone again. So I wanted to test myself to see if I am ready to see her. It started ok . I saw her and have no feelings of anything, but she did something she was wearing the necklace that I got her for her birthday last year when we were dating. she pointed that out "she said i like this necklace a lot it is so beautiful. I said it looks great who got it for you ( as a joke) she said the person who got it for me has great taste and it looks beautiful.


Throughout the whole night I didn't see anything else. I saw her listening to suspicious voice messages and letting her gf listening to them and making comments and all. That I didn't enjoy. sounds like there was a guy involved. Then in the car she sat in the front beside me like the old times and she used to hold my hands only this time she didn't (obviously) . I touched her leg once to get her attention to a specific song that was playing and asked if she know song. Then she was telling a story about how she got burnt during one of her tanning sessions and my response was poor baby and kinda pet her leg. Then my hand was on the shifting gear and I noticed the she is pulling away her whole body towards the door maybe I am reading too much into this or maybe not.


But this what happened pretty much. The necklace thing really pointed out to me, I mean why? she could have worn thousand other jewelry that she has but why that one? and why did she point out to me this specifically?

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It sounds to me like there was a bit of game playing going on. Some people cant help but enjoy a little psychological & emotion banter. And not to mention a fair deal of flirting was also going on..

You have to be careful. You are posting here about her & the situation. So she is weadling her way back into your mind. Thats not healthy. Unless you can truly cope with it.


But there was too much game playing going on for my liking. That said,i am 40 & not in my 20's,so its just not something i appreciate!lol


Tread carefully massari..

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Thank you lilie and JN, yes I am careful this time not to fall for these games again. It did took me a while to get over her and I am still not sure if i am over her. I mean when i got her text messages it gave me chills and made me a little nervous. It has been a year since "US" and I am still reading and looking into her actions. Its ridiculous and very stupid..



"Thats not healthy. Unless you can truly cope with it." NO THIS IS NOT HEALTHY AT ALL lillie! I wish i was ALOT more stronger and though I was there I wish i wouldn't have been affected by her comments and the way she was acting

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