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first boyfriend


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so i fianlly got my first boyfriend...but i am kinda shy..i dont really want to hold hands....its arkward when we walk together...hesreally sweet and i do like him...i think maybe im so used to being single that i just need to get used to having a boyfriend...i am correct? or am i not into him...what should i do? i think maybe if we have alone time outside i school ill feel more conforntable...( at school there is alot of pressure) help!?!?!?!?

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lol. how I miss those days!

Awkwardness will get less and less as time goes by and you get closer to each other.

I dunno how old you are or how serious this might be, but always be cautious and not throw yourself into a relationship too much if you are young..

Whether you like him or not, you'll soon find out won't you?

Just have fun now otherwise!

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