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Please read. This is totaly real...


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I am 25 yo and still a virgin, So seducing me is very easy. I've known it for years. But I didn't know this much!!!!

In 2006 ,I was hospitalized by 'groin hernia'.Just before the surgery, a nurse hold my hand to open a blood canal. You know it is used to inject serum, too. But she exaggereted a bit about that 'holding'. Also it takes about 2 minutes.

So when she has just held my hand, my penis erected immediately, (it takes a few secons) like a rock. It lifted my operating uniform as shown by down town. Nurse noticed that but she hided one's displeasure professionally. My heard was beating crazy. It was the most erotic moment in my life. But besides a very difficult time too. Because two minutes later, the doctor came and asked: What happened to your uniform? I looked and saw that I had got wet because of that nurse... I felt extremely ashamed. I wanted to take the narcosis as soon as possible and sleep. It was the only way to escape from that shame...

According to you, that is normal? Just a touch to hand!!!!!!

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