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i need advice on what to do for my best friend!!


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well my best friend will be turning 18 in may and shes going out with this guy who's 21.theyve been together almost 2 years now. the first year was pretty good. then she got pregnant then had a misscarrage. ever since the misscarrage her boyfriend has been seriously abusing her.just this past saturday i spent 3 and a half hours with her in the ER and turned out she got a torn ligament in her neck and a minor concussion. im the one who always is dragged into it when it happens. her boyfriends friends have tried getting thru to him ive tried my best friend (his gf) has tried. and she wont leave him!! im so tired of having to deal with it its hurts me bcuz ive seen him abuse her.


does anyone have any advice on what to say to her!!?

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you don't have to get the cops involved. That'd be the last resort, imo. Really anyone with experience in relationships would help. Anyone that can be unbiased and coherent with their advice. Don't give up on her!


Tell her that good men DON'T do that. He has no right to ever touch her unless she asks for it. Ask her if she is actually happy with things like this?


After the miscarriage, she is probably so confused and worried about being alone.

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yeah she said that the main reason she has a hard time leaving him is bcuz they almost had a baby together. shes said to me she knows real men dont hit women or girls only immature boys hit girls. i just wanna tell her as hard as it is suck it up and leave him. theres ppl who have been married 20 years with 6 kids that get divorced over stuff like this.

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