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Does She Like Me More Than A Friend?


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It's a very complicated situation but here's some facts about us:

1.When we first met, we automatically clicked and became real close friends

2.Only a couple of months later after about 3 months of knowing each other, she bought me a great b-day present(dog tag chain with my name on the front, and my birthdate and her name on the back)

3.Only defends me, ALWAYS even for the littlest things

4.Does not like disagreeing with me, always agrees with what i'm saying or just wont counter what i say

5.Calls me her "Angel In Disguise" cuz she says i've changed her life and how she views life

6.We send each other poems back and forth

7.Gives me all types of hugs(from the back, by surprise, for no reason, etc.) also always looks at me and smiles(couple of times in one day)

8.Always compliments me and has NEVER said anything bad about me

9.Shows me so much more respect and attention than anyone else


Now the only problem is that i want to find out what her intentions be4 i talk to her about it

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It all sounds like she really does but... what I've learned is that it's really difficult to try to guess/assume things like this in life as situations can be off to what they seem no matter how much they look a certain way. They can look indistinguishable for being "so" but not be "so"! So I've learned never to assume either way, but if I am wondering about something to just ask outright.


I do think you have enough cues to at least wonder if this might be so & ask her... You can just say that everything that has happened between the two of you has made you wonder if there might be something more here, though you can't be 100% sure if you have been reading things correctly, so you thought you would just simply ask her.


Straightforward is the way to go.


Good luck - I hope it's the start of something special for you both...

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Answer: She sees you as her friend...her BEST friend. If you're #1 in her eyes in this regard, there's no doubt that she cares deeply about you the same way you do her. In fact, it shouldn't surprise any of you one bit once you tell her. It's possible she may not realize how deeply she feels for you yet, so be careful.


The point I'm trying to make is that all good relationships involve friendship, which is why she will never like you "More than a friend" because that's impossible. There are degrees of friendship, with the closest ones resulting in more serious and enjoyable outcomes. So don't let the prospect of Romance blind you from what made you two close in the first place; the respect, time and enjoyment that you two share.

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I think she likes you, but I really have no idea how she feels. I think before you go straight to telling her exactly how you feel, you should drop some hints here and there about maybe going out on a date, or perhaps joke around about it to see how she reacts. There are lots of things you can do, those are just a couple that can help you test the waters.

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