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Need of help or opinions.. please someone?

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Hello everyone.

First of all I would like to tell that this is my first long distance relationship, at least at that long a distance. Before writting more I would like to add that I'm only 18 years old and no comments about that being too young for love/LDR or anything please.


The thing is for the past 1½ year almost I've been talking to this girl, we have talked pretty much everyday for all that time. The few days we have not been able to talk either on instant message (msn) or on phone, we use phone cards very often, we have left each other emails. It is long ago that I told this girl that I was in love with her, and she told me she had similar feelings for me. This has developed to what I believe is an extremly strong and deep love (I am kinda a romantic). I live in Denmark, and she half accross the globe, in the USA. This summer I am going there to meet her and be with her for 4 weeks and I've never been this excited, although I am extremly nervous too since I have a very low self esteem and opinion of myself.


Now that I am going there soon I have to get my ticket of course, that takes that I get a new passport, a vissum and some other stuff that I will of course get. But lately it have felt like she doubting that this relationship has a real future which I very much hope it has. Another problem is that I easily get jealous with a distance like this between us. Now she is soon going to her school prom and she is a little sad no guy have asked her out, honestly I am quite happy about it but feel bad about that.. I don't like the thought of othre guys slow dancing and going out with her like that. I am not sure if I am in my right to be thinking like that because I am not sure if she agrees that I am.


Well i guess my question is. Am I too paranoid about things, and is it wrong of me to be jealous?... Else then that, anyone got any sunshine stories about it going well for them.


I apologize for the kinda long thread but this is my first and i read some other through and saw that often there was some complains about lack of information. Any kind of answers is very much appreciated

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If I understand correctly...


You've been talking to her for a year but have never met her?


Are you actually dating her or are you just going to see her in the US?


I think that her wanting a date for prom is no biggie. It likewise isn't 'wrong' for you to feel jealous but at the same time, you need to trust that she knows where you guys stand and would only go with a friend.


Is she likewise 18? I ask because if she is still living with her parents....are you going to be staying at her place for 4 weeks as her boyfriend or her friend from Denmark?


I hope this works out and I could offer a better opinion with more information but there seem to be a lot of what ifs that are in play.

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