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okay so if you have already read my post of about 3 hours ago or not i have another thing to ask-k- so how should i go about telling my ex-boyfriend how much i care about him. i can never make him fully understand and i love him so much. i would give my life for him. should i tell him and then grab him and give him a kiss or would that just freak him out ya think? well i will do anything to make him get it. i think i still have a chance to get him back and i am seeing him tonight. so what should i do. eveyone always says just tell him how you feel but that never works because he doesn't understand, prob. because i am not very good at expressing myself and when i try and i can't i just end up getting mad. i don't want to get mad. i want him to know how badly i need him and love him and how i would do anything for him. if i had the choice i would go to hell just so he could have a good life. he is going through so much right now and i know that i will never be worthy of him, but i he will take me back i would be the luckiest girl to ever live. i want to spend the rest of my life with him and be there for him. please help me. i will keep posting here until i can get an answer from someone. i have gotten some suggestions so thank you to those who have tried to help me. just please understand that he is my life and the only one who has always been there for me and i messed up and i want him to know how sorry i am and how i want to always be there for him.

thank you so much. love Qtpie87

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you need to tell him how you feel maybe some of those things you just said in your post will make him understand. maybe get some of your friends to talk to him and help out. but you need to let him know that you know you messed up and you are really sorry about it. tell him how you feel and try really hard not to get frustrated or mad

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Hey sweetheart!

i told you to come and read my post so i hope you might understand a little. you know what go to the login at the top of the screen and register it's totally free and all you have to do is fill some stuff out. i wish that you would write me back on this post. i love you.

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