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falling for a work mate

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i started a new job about 3months ago, when a first seen this guy my first thought was hes cute, over the last three months ive goten to know him and we get along good, he recently turned 21 and he invited me but i was really disapointed when i couldnt make it. one of his mates told me he was asked where i was most of the night,


Thne last night him and a mate invited me too a party with them i went, the guy a like picked me up and droped me home today. last night we talked a bit nothing happened tho i wanted it to, he said a few things that made me think maybe he likes me. things like i loooked good .im very shy thats my main problem. any ideas on how i can get his attension i also dont know if i should go for it, if it gos wrong, well we have to work together

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That is one of the hardest questions should I go after a co-worker. Well it is all up to you if you want to go after him. Now how to get his attencion talk to him, joke with him, look him in the eyes, and thing like that. I think that he likes you. Well I hope that this helps.

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There's been heaps of discussion about fallin for work mates you should look around or contact a moderator for more information. I'd personally say it doesn't matter, go for it.


And for gettin that attention, make sure u're always around him, smile, its the least you can do if you don't want to do anything. If he's less shy and he likes you, he'll talk to you and make conversation I think.


Happy Heb

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hmmmmm, this is a hard question.... well try to talk to him... see how hes feeling... maybe talk to him more and wait awhile longer.... see what goes on... try telling him how you feel mabe, and see what he says in return... this is one of the hardest questions i've answered yes.... if he was giving you compliments, he may be also flirting as well... from what it sounds like he does like you... so the only thing i cna suggest is to go for it...

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