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He will never comeback

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He has left me for good now for another woman, he said nothing to do with her, even without her, his decision is still unchanged

he doesn't want to be with me, he said we are different and not compatible and argued alots


I tried so hard to fix our relationship, tried to do what he wants

still he is not coming back, now in his eyes, there is only her in his world


what can i do

how can i make him to come back to me


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Hi Mei Mei,


I'm sorry about your situation, i can tell that you are very upset, but i dont think you really gave enougth information for people to reply to your post. Its totally up to you if you want to share anymore details with us, but alot of people finds that it really helps. So if you want, why dont you tell us a bit more of your story, maybe then we can help you better.

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I agree that it would be better if you could give more information even if its painful to do so. Its important for you to be aware that there may be someone out there who is truly more compatible with you. Someone who would not require you to become someone you are not ("I tried so hard to fix our relationship, tried to do what he wants still he is not coming back").


I believe that what we all want is someone who would accept us for who we are. Let's face it, you would not be happy always having to do what he wants to keep him even if its not what you want.


I am sorry about the loss. I know nothing we have said will make you feel better immediately. But if its possible for you to be patient with life, and try to see if there are some ways you can mature well, we have a lot of happy stories to hear from you.


Hope this helps a bit.

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hey mei mei


so sorry to hear about your boyfriends treatment of you. fact of the matter is, its very hard to keep someone, especially against their will. i wont lie, this period is going to be tough. but hey, its not impossible. just take it all one day at a time.


i cant fully understand what your feeling, but i know exacally what it will accomplish by trying to gain him back. you might not want to accept this, but he's gone. let him go. he doesnt deserve you anyway, because if he did, he wouldnt of left you. feelings change, people change. its a tough tough ride, one we will all have to go on one day.


it seems totally impossible now, but you WILL move on. just give it time. here's a post which i hope will inspire you to keep going;

link removed


take care and goodluck!



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