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THis is the most important Question i have ever asked here!!


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[/b] okay,

so my bf and has just broken up with me and we will prob get back together, but he just wants to be friends right now. well i have been being so selfesh and wondering why everything is so bad in his life that he couldn't stay with me. Well he just told me. his sister just found her mom cheeting on her dad a few days ago, not to mention that his grandma has breast cancer and his best friend just died. Well i still love him with all of my heart and i will stay friends with him until he wants me back, he said he wants to get back together we just have to fix a few probs. i feel so horrible for treating him like he didn't care about me, when the fact is is that he has always been there for me and i haven't asked him if there was anything that i could help him with. i really do love him more than anyone and now i just want to kill myself for doing that to him. WEll i was wondering i really want to do something nice for him, Like way nice, tonight i am taking him out to a movie and dinner, but we have had that planned for over a week now. well i want to get him something or take him somewhere or just do anything to make up for what a BIT#$ i am. i have told him, but i think he needs to see how sorry i am instead of just hear it. Please help me help him, i am bad at coming up with good ideas and i want to make him feel like i do care. i know i can show it by acting like i care but i don't think it would hurt to do someting extra nice.

Thank you all,


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