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help! what is the cervix?

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Your cervix is the opening to your womb. It is at the top of the vagina. When you have a pap smear, the dr. takes a "smear" from the cervix.


The only time I have felt my cervix was during sex, and that is the pressure you feel during very deep penetration, kind of feels like the end of your vagina, like a wall.


I don't like to have my cervix pushed on during sex. But I don't think that it would hurt you. If there was to be damage it would have to be a force much stronger than just from sex. Like I said I know my gyno pushes on it plenty!


I have no idea why you would be having a stomach ache after sex. Your post makes me think that you are not very sexually experienced. IF that is true, I would say it is most likely your body reacting to nervousness.


If this continues to happen then I would talk to your doctor about it.

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Another possible cause of aches and pains after sex can simply be muscular in nature. Like anything else you do that's physcial, and not an everyday occurrence, you can easily suffer from overused muscles. This is particularly true during sex when you may not notice that you're straining a little in different ways. It can largely depend on what positions you use during sex.


Also, involuntary muslce contractions generally occur during sex. Again, this can cause odd stresses to be put on different muscle groups. I'm aware of a friend who has on occasion had sore tummy muscles after sex, seemingly for this type of reason.


As for more info on things like your cervix, do a web search using the term Female Anatomy or some similar term. You'll come up with sites such as link removed which could be helpful.


MollyElise has a very good point about nervousness.

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